Dealing with tendinopathy can be incredibly frustrating. 

Under the expert guidance of Prof. Peter Malliaras, the globally ranked number one tendinopathy expert, offers effective and practical management strategies.

Prof. Malliaras has successfully helped thousands to recover from tendinopathy.
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Getting the wrong advice for your tendinopathy sucks. It's frustrating!

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We provide expert tendinopathy management

Prof Peter Malliaras (1st ranked tendinopathy expert globally) has helped thousands of people who have struggled to overcome tendinopathy. 

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Find the main causes for YOUR problem


Develop a plan with you to address YOUR problem and the causes


Equip YOU with the skills to return to activities you love safely

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And Embark on Your Journey to Embrace Life Again or Begin Your Path to Revitalised Well-being or Take the First Step Towards a Life You Love

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 And start your journey towards understanding and recovery of your tendinopathy