Apr 18 • Peter Malliaras

Gluteal tendinopathy chat with Chris Clifford

I had a great time talking Gluteal tendinopathy with Chris Clifford. Chris is an experienced clinician from Glasgow who is in the throws of completing his PhD on this condition. We chatted about rehab, the use of isometrics, difficult patient groups and how to navigate them, and much more. 

Hope you enjoy!

Here is 2 related publications from Chris' PhD: 

Clifford, C., Paul, L., Syme, G. and Millar, N.L., 2019. Isometric versus isotonic exercise for greater trochanteric pain syndrome: a randomised controlled pilot study. BMJ open sport & exercise medicine, 5(1), p.e000558.

Clifford, C., Challoumas, D., Paul, L., Syme, G. and Millar, N.L., 2020. Effectiveness of isometric exercise in the management of tendinopathy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised trials. BMJ open sport & exercise medicine, 6(1), p.e000760.